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Educomp Solutions Limited, founded in 1994 is a globally diversified education solutions provider and the largest education company in India.

Educomp Group reaches out to over 34,500 schools and ~22.8 million learners and educators across the world.

Our vision: To apply innovative solutions to solve critical problems relating to "Quality of Education" and "Access to Education" for all.
Recognition and Ratings

In exploring the horizons of what learning can be, accolades and awards have come our way, awards which have reiterated our resolve to live our vision everyday and fulfill our mission.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report (May 2013) ranked Educomp at number 85 among the top 100 software vendors in the emerging markets commanding a combined revenue of $797 million and among the 16 Indian companies that have made it to the list. Educomp ranked number 12 in Business World’s India's fastest growing companies (May 2013 Issue). In Indian Education Awards 2013 Educomp won awards for, ‘Best K12 School Chain- National for The Millennium Schools’, ‘Innovation in Early Learning for Little Millennium’ and ‘Best Digital Content for Smartclass’.

Shantanu Prakash was nominated for the highest honour -“Entrepreneur of the Year” Award for his exceptional vision in uplifting the education sector in India and bestowing it with much needed change at “Entrepreneur India Awards 2012” organized by Franchise India Holdings Limited on May 18, 2012. Educomp Solutions won three prestigious awards - “Best Education Company to work with,” “Best Innovative K 12 School” and “Best Education Webinar Series” at the Indian Education Awards (IEA) 2012 at a glittering ceremony on 28th April 2012. In March 2012 Business Today featured Educomp is one of the “Top 10 best companies to work for in 2011” in its – ‘People Strong Best Companies to Work For’, study.

Educomp smartclass is a first of its kind, teacher-led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved learning outcomes in Private Schools. Powered by India’s largest Digital Content library of curriculum-mapped, multimedia rich, 3D content; smartclass is today a market leader in this domain. The number of Educomp smartclass enabled schools grows at almost 10 schools a day.

In the last ten years over 80 million smartclass sessions have been held in schools. This has given Educomp some invaluable insights into the real challenges that teachers encounter and their ever growing expectations from the program. These insights have helped to understand the pain areas to develop a whole new school transformation system. Educomp has now flagged off, the next generation of smartclass. The smartclass Class Transformation System (or CTS) and the smartclass Digital Teaching System (or DTS) are the biggest and most innovative initiatives in the space of digital classroom content and digital classroom hardware respectively. The DTS is the world’s first fully integrated one-switch Digital Interactive Teaching system, specially designed to work in high ambient temperatures and dusty conditions prevalent in most Indian classrooms. The CTS broadens the choice of teaching tools available with the teacher beyond invaluable rich 3D Animations to bring abstract concepts to life. The arsenal of solutions now available for teachers also includes tools like ready to use MCQs, Virtual Laboratory of Simulations, Work Sheets, Mindmaps, Teaching Ideas, Real Life Applications, Topic Synopsis, Weblinks and Diagram Maker. The CTS poised as the next generation of Educomp smartclass in schools, is the revolutionary leap forward in enabling excellence in schools.

Edureach works closely with various State and Central Government agencies, Ministries of IT and HRD, and Governments of other countries to bring about a lasting transformation in education systems. We have a track record of implementing large scale Public-Private-Partnership projects. Cumulatively over the years Edureach has worked with over 35000 government schools impacting lives of over 17.5 million students in often hard to reach remote areas of the country.

As part of this program, the Company sets up Computer Labs in Government Schools, provides Multimedia Content in regional language, testing and certification in computer education, full time assistants, as well as teacher training, monitoring and supervision.

At present Educomp is partnering with sixteen State Governments covering over 11000 government schools and benefiting over 6 million students. These projects give Edureach an opportunity to ignite the desire for learning in those for whom staying in school is in itself a struggle. Educomp teams work hard to make sure that they don’t drop out of school and to teach them computer skills they’ll require today and tomorrow.

Edureach documentary here (click here to view) shows how these programs are changing lives of millions forever and with it the plight of the entire communities.

The vision of Educomp Schools is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child and create lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our aspiration is to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values. Educomp School is an initiative of Educomp, the organization recognized for pioneering the digital revolution in India and abroad.

The foundation of our Educomp Schools system stems from the value system that we follow. For us, human values are a prime concern both in our content and in pedagogy. Our thought and philosophy is based on deep rooted Indian values yet integrated with a global mindset, thus creating citizens of the world. Our policies represent a vibrancy and sensitivity to the needs of all the stake holders. Our Policies or mindscapes are a commitment to change, ensuring that we are not static. Each aspect of the school has a laid down policy to ensure that the message is clear to all our stake holders. From a minor policy of ‘How to keep the classroom clean’ to ‘Discipline’ and ‘MIS’ issues, each area is structured and documented.

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The most acclaimed library of 3d and video educational resources now available on a tablet!

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Educomp Schools is seeking partners in your city who share a similar vision of a developed India. If you own 3+ acres of land and have the financial ability to develop the school infrastructure, please share your details here.

About smartclass
A quick view of how Educomp smartclass (a path breaking solution) has turned classrooms, into fascinating places to be in across thousands of schools in India.

Edureach Video
Educomp has innovatively used technology to spread education across socio-economic strata and across geographical boundaries. This documentary shows how technology is affecting education in remote areas across India.

Educomp Schools
The vision of Educomp Schools is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child and create.
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