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Educomp Leap

What is Leap

Leap is Educomp’s pioneering initiative to help students get advanced, scientific and personalized coaching from acclaimed faculty, in their home town, and at a lower cost compared to what they would have incurred if they took face-to-face classes from the same faculty.

Leap makes available its services through a national network of Leap Learning Centres (LLCs). The LLCs are VSAT-enabled and through state-of-the-art studios and telecommunication facilities, the LLCs channelise audio, video and data-enabled high-quality, faculty lectures to students.

Leap provides a school going student with all the supplemental assistance they require to improve their academic performance in school and entrance examinations. The primary mode of this is via teaching by a live faculty, aided by asynchronous content like animations, recordings, books etc.

Leap also provides school tutoring to students of classes IX, X, XI & XII. India’s leading faculty will provide core concept teaching to students via VSAT, and will be assisted by highly qualified local teachers to give personal attention to each student.

Leap is currently available in 22 centres across India.

Why Leap

Leap addresses the basic problem of aspiring students, i.e. the non-availability of quality faculty in their cities and towns. The better faculty gravitates towards some specific hubs of test preparation like Delhi, Kota etc, leaving other cities and towns with faculty of a lower caliber and record of successful students.

Leap ensures that every student is able to learn from the best faculty in India, through its network of satellite linked centres. The faculty of Leap is the best, with a proven track record of successful students, as well as an ability to teach the most difficult concepts in the simplest manner, allowing students to improve their learning.

Essentially, Leap is an integrated learning solution for IIT JEE/AIEEE combining the best faculty in India with the best VSAT learning platform.


  • Students can interact with teachers on a real time basis
  • Teacher can see all students across classes
  • Students can ask questions using SAS or Mike
  • Live testing can be done using the Smart Assessment system
  • Use of Educomp smartclass Modules to teach students

How Leap works

Leap works on VSAT technology, on a proprietary platform developed by Educomp Solutions, over years of research. From its state-of-the-art studios, Educomp Leaps faculty members conduct teaching sessions, which are seen and heard live by students in all Leap centres. Students can also be seen and heard by the teachers, making the session completely interactive and real.

This is supplemented by well researched and specially designed course material, a continuous testing and assessment system and a website which allows a student to keep continuous track of their performance. All tests are benchmarked across all Leap students .

  • The faculty uses Leap’s smart attendance system, smart assessment system and audio-video facilities to see, hear and talk to the students.
  • The students can see, listen and participate in a lecture through a computer and an LCD projector connected to the VSAT receiver.
  • They interact with the faculty as spontaneously and naturally as in a regular classroom.
  • They can also mark attendance, raise queries, respond to polls and attempt multiple choice questions and assessments. All sessions conducted are recorded and are available to the students via the website for later review.
Multimedia Content
Our content repository consists of thousands of highly animated 3D and 2D multimedia modules...

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