LearnHub is a Social Learning Network. It is for people who love learning and sharing knowledge with others. It is a set of tools that make learning online fun and engaging, and teaching online easy and effective.

LearnHub not only helps people learn, but it helps them connect with other students and teachers. A comprehensive reputation system, authority, helps people find reputable teachers, who can be trusted.

Communities offer a showcase for the content one wants to share, and is a way to attract attention to courses and tutoring people want to offer. Courses allow to sell one’s expertise. Tutoring allows teachers to sell their time. If they are an expert teacher, LearnHub is the place to go and put up their content and let students find them.

For Students

LearnHub is a network of communities, each one built around a specific subject (ex. Algebra, Education, History, Software Development). Students can search here to find a community that fits their interest. They will find many communities offering a wealth of freely available information, created by expert teachers, and other students. The line between teacher and student is blurred, because a student in one subject, can be a teacher in another.

Communities are a mixture of lessons (pages, videos, presentations, concept games), tests, discussions, debates and fun activities. Students will also find a marketplace, where they can find courses and tutor offerings from expert teachers.

For Teachers

LearnHub gives them the tools they need to effectively teach online.

  • Comprehensive online presence- create a profile, earn your authority, build your network.
  • Powerful content authoring tools- Upload videos, author pages using a simple editor, upload your powerpoint presentations.
  • Easy Testing- Create a test and track users’ progress.
  • Course creation- Combine lessons, tests, and activities into a restricted access course, complete with e-commerce integration.
  • Live tutoring- Live video, voice, whiteboard and document sharing.
  • Fun activities- to make learning fun and engaging; challenging concept attainment, competitive debates and addictive trivia that keeps students coming back for more.

Multimedia Content
Our content repository consists of thousands of highly animated 3D and 2D multimedia modules...

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