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Educomp O3, One on One Learning System

A 360° learning experience,
redefining teaching and learning in schools

Educomp O3 is a futuristic way of teaching and learning, developed after experience garnered from several Intel-Educomp joint pilots and years of research by Educomp. O3 is a whole new learning system. It gives the power of futuristic technology in hands of the teacher to harness the magic of learning.

The one on one learning system for next generation learners, enables a more engaging, interesting and experiential form of teaching and learning. Educomp O3 draws on over a decade of research by Educomp to provide teachers with highly evolved classroom strategies using cutting edge technology. A host of teaching tools and applications empower teachers to facilitate learning in a one on one computing environment.

A New Age Learning System

All teachers and students are equipped with laptops to facilitate new age teaching and learning both within the classroom and outside. Every child has an Intel powered Classmate PC, a rugged and durable portable laptop fully loaded with applications and features designed for one on one learning in schools. Apart from a conventional laptop, the teachers are equipped, trained and empowered with intensive teaching learning strategies to help them make a seamless and effortless transition to One on One computing with Educomp O 3

One of the key benefits of this innovative methodology is a dramatic increase in individual attention that the teacher is able to give each child. A personalised screen for each learner allows greater proximity to what is being taught. Concepts are introduced in a thrilling and exciting manner. Assessments come with instant results at click of a button. The teacher saves correction time and also gets to instantly assess the precise percentage of the class that has not understood a concept taught. The concept can then be taught again with greater clarity and emphasis on identified areas. Children can be divided into groups even as they are seated in their respective place and encouraged to work on any unit. The quieter ambience lends to greater learning. Parental control buttons and teacher locking device make it safe for the children to use CMPCs even at home, ensuring they do not browse any site that they should not.

Educomp O3 Delivery Model

The Educomp O3 program is offered to schools as a comprehensive one-stop solution and includes all the essential components that schools need to make an effective transition to this new age learning.

Educomp provides schools with a basket of the solutions that include:

  • Personalized Intel powered CMPC laptops for every student in the school.
  • Laptops for teachers with special teaching tools developed for one on one teaching and learning.
  • The O3 learning system that includes comprehensive facilitators Guide Books to help them integrate O3 in their day-to-day teaching in school.
  • Intensive teacher training to help teachers work with the system and ongoing hand-holding support.
  • A training Manual and Learning Wheel to spin and strategize
  • Curriculum based digital resources for use in O3
  • All supporting equipment and infrastructure including routers, servers, and networking.

O3 learning system - Deliverables

The 03 learning system

The core part of the O3 learning system is a comprehensive set of pedagogically sound recommended strategies and support materials for the teachers, developed by Educomp. The 03 learning system helps teachers to fully leverage the potential of technology in a one on one computing environment. The Guide familiarizes the teachers with each specific feature of the application and to integrate the same in their day-to-day lesson plans in classrooms effectively.

O3 Teacher Training

A highly evolved training methodology has been developed by Educomp to help teachers make a seamless transition from conventional teaching and learning methodologies to one on one computing based teaching and learning. The training program involves both practice and on the job sessions, and helps teachers to rapidly internalize the 03 system as a part of their day-to-day teaching within a short period of time. This training is conducted and facilitated by highly skilled trainers. A comprehensive training manual is also given to every teacher for reference to work with the system.

Learning Wheel – Spin and Strategize

O3 Manual is supported by a learning wheel, to assist the facilitator to identify the strategies to be implemented at various stages of learning. It has been laid in four layers. From the periphery to the centre, the layers are arranged in the following order namely:

  • Layer 1: Color coded periphery
  • Layer 2: Strategies with page numbers
  • Layer 3: Teaching Buttons
  • Layer 4: Stages of Learning


Teachers can choose different options at each spoke of the wheel to customize the topic as they like. The options include the stages of learning to introduce a topic, assess a topic, reinforce the teaching, and explain the topic. Once the requirement has been chosen in layer 4, the teacher chooses functionality from various buttons designed to carry out specific actions. The wheel then identifies appropriate strategies using the action and the teaching level chosen by the teacher.

Teachers are trained to be creative in implementing the strategies at different stages of learning. For example to locate a strategy for “concept teaching” stage; the teachers are advised to place the colored arrow from the concept teaching band to the strategy written in the same colored area of the wheel. In this case it is usage of ‘Concept Cards’ with page number 162 given by its side. The strategies are given in detail on the mentioned page numbers of "Teaching Strategies using Educomp O3" with sample lesson plans.

Helping Teachers to Address Diverse Learners in Class

O3 learning environment ensures effective learning for students. Students and teachers get instantly connected wirelessly as they enter the class. Teachers are able to broadcast engaging visual animations and videos drawn from the vast repository of curriculum based on the digital content provided by Educomp. This helps visual learners to understand curriculum concepts. Teachers can assign need based tasks and assignments for explorative learners or simply provide verbal explanations for auditory learners. Educomp O3 helps the teacher to give personalized attention to each student. It is possible to divide students in groups and assign class work for each group without the disturbance of students physically moving about to regroup.

The group members remain connected and work from their respective seats. In an O3 environment every child is engaged in learning at all times. Every child is actively involved and interested.

Real Time Assessment

Educomp’s O3 enables teachers to obtain an instant assessment of learning outcomes right after the lesson is taught by broadcasting a test and getting instant responses from the students. The teacher gets to address learning gaps before the class is over. This eliminates the dependence on random unit tests to assess how much learning has happened, and helps every child to keep pace with the class. By allowing Teachers to assess students in real time, it also does away with the need for time-consuming and laborious manual marking of notebooks.

Learning beyond the Boundary

O3 enables students to stay connected to the school any time anywhere. They can now submit assignments and homework given by the teacher, or even play games designed around the curriculum concepts to stay focused and motivated.

Educomp O3 Video
Educomp O3 is a futuristic way of teaching and learning, developed after experience garnered from several Intel-Educomp joint pilots and years of research by Educomp.

Case Study - PSBB Millennium School, Chennai
The PSBB Millennium Group of Schools at Chennai, a recognized landmark in its pursuit of excellence in education, holistic development and human excellence, is deeply dedicated to the mission of building "Global Citizens with Indian Values", with an emphasis on value education, and respect for our rich cultural heritage.

Case Study - TMS NOIDA
The Millennium School, NOIDA, is an initiative of Educomp Solutions Limited, an organization recognized for pioneering the digital revolution in education in India and abroad. The Millennium School is committed to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child, to create lifelong learners for tomorrow.

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