Educomp’s QuESTTM (Quality Education for Students and Teachers) program is based on the core premise that every school can become a ‘Learning Organisation’ by bringing in a collaborative culture and dynamic practices in the school system.

Our QuEST program provides multifold services to help schools to reflect on their current reality and reach highest level of effectiveness.

From training programs to whole school development projects, we have services and solutions for all stakeholders in the education set up.

Some of the programs being run under QuEST are:

PDPE- Professional Development Program for Educators

Teacher Training

PDPE aims at empowering teachers by equipping them with a vast repertoire of latest tools and techniques, preparing them to "Teach for Understanding." The objective of this program is to help teachers effectively implement instructional strategies to help diverse set of learners, learn better. PDPE conducts series of interactive workshops for teachers on topics such as Brain-based Instruction, Art of Questioning, Effective Strategies, Assessment Toolkit and Group Learning.

Programs for Students

Our programs offer myriad strategies to all students for achieving success that will last a lifetime. The students find opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery and fun. It enables them to enhance their learning and build certain core skills to help them grow into responsible, contributing members of the society. The core modules being offered in our program are Effective Communication, Persona Plus, Study Smart and Road to Success.

WSD- Whole School Development Program

WSD enables schools to reflect, set goals and move towards a whole school approach to improve themselves. Our WSD program is build on the premise that every school can improve if its culture and organizational policies are in synch with the vision and mission of the school. The program works at three levels:

  1. School Audit: The   school   audit identifies   the strengths  and   areas of improvement within the school thus providing a direction to the program.
  2. Building Vision: This process involves creation of an inspiring vision statement to drive the change process.
  3. Training Program: Training,   monitoring and   handholding of teachers to achieve school improvement goals.

Mathemagic Lab Kit

A comprehensive set of creative manipulatives, based on research-based pedagogical guidelines, to improve the understanding of mathematical concepts. The kit contains a principal’s guide, detailed lesson plans and worksheets, math manipulatives, games &l activities, charts and teacher’s Record book.

Parents Empowerment Program

The program envisions to assist parents develop insights for being more effective parents. In our programs, parents are informed about the latest practices, and are empowered with simple strategies and techniques related to effective parenting, helping them understand children better.


Gyana Shakti
Educomp has consistently focused on improving the quality of education and bringing education within everyone’s reach. This video shows how project Gyan Shakti, one of Educomp’s pioneering initiatives, is improving the learning standards of students of urban underprivileged schools across India.

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