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International Schools

Educomp is committed towards providing high quality education in our schools and colleges. Our International Schools have been planned to become benchmark of the best practices in education with unique ambience, methodology and pedagogical approach. Mussoorie International School is a premium residential School. It is located on a ridge amidst picturesque Himalayan scenery in Mussoorie popularly known as the Queen of Hills. The aim is to train students to become well rounded individuals and future leaders. We are looking at opening more such schools in near future.

Mussoorie International School (MIS)

Mussoorie International School (MIS), established in 1983, located in the pristine hills of Mussoorie, is situated at a height of 2003. The campus is spread over 45 acres of lush green landscaping, which provides an ideal environment for holistic development of the child. The school campus also has modern auditorium with seating capacity of 500 people, a three-storied library with a wide selection of book. For visual and creative art the school has an art gallery which houses some of the finest creations of the students. There are dance and music studios for the performing arts. The kitchen is equipped with state of the art cooking equipment and a high standard of hygiene facilities.

The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, an all-India Board, and University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

As a leading school in the country for girls, Mussoorie International School has students from as many as 27 countries from around the world. They come here to enrich their lives in an environment that provides all-round development. The school offers a rich mix of the ancient and the modern – the cultural heritage of the former, and the technological, pedagogical and creative advances of the latter.

The institution prides itself in creating an ambience for learning that’s invigorating and unfolds the true potential of every child. The girls thus excel not only in academics, sports and co-curricular activities but also evolve as responsible and caring individuals. MIS aims to impart to the students, the right values & etiquettes, helping them develop confidence & poise, and instill in them the attitude for a fulfilling, balanced life. The school also gives utmost importance to discipline, character building and traditional values.

The guiding principle of MIS is to impart an integral education that is global and all-comprehensive, based on a strong foundation of Indian tradition, culture and values.

  • Integral education means complete and total education, taking into account the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual development of the child.
  • Global connotes an “Institution with a Global perspective” that uses the latest pedagogical practices, to ensure that the learning outcome is effective and cater to children coming from different parts of the world, who learn to live together in harmony.
  • All-comprehensive because the education provided is holistic and instills in the students the right virtues, moral and ethical values, and also a sense of fulfillment.
  • The school upholds the rich Indian culture and values. By articulating it in our vision, we emphasis our strength which lies in making our children get in touch with their inner magnificence.

MIS believes that every child is unique, and that by providing individual attention the immense potential within her can be tapped. Therefore we have created an environment that’s ideal for joyous learning where teachers act as facilitators, and house mothers aim to raise children who are conscious of their responsibilities.


A boarding school gives children a very special experience. The daily routine and the communal living they experience at an early age help them learn self-discipline and self-reliance.

A typical day of a student of MIS is as follows:

Time Activity
5.30 am The students wake up
6.00 - 6.45 am Morning PT
7.00 - 7.45 am Breakfast
8.10 am Morning assembly
8.55 am Classes start
10.55 am Juice break
11.10 am Back to classes
1.05 pm Lunch recess
2.10 pm Classes
3.30 pm Recess for tea
4.10 pm Co-curricular activities in sports and culture
5.30 pm Bath time
7.00 pm Evening preparation
9.00 pm Girls in houses for preparation
10.00 pm Milk and cookies are served before lights off

Every Sunday, all students devote three hours to hobbies, during which they pursue creative and performing arts, and other non-scholastic activities.


The school has excellent sports facilities, including a centrally heated, indoor swimming pool, and provision for

  • Basket ball
  • Throw ball
  • Table tennis
  • Lawn tennis
  • Badminton
  • Roller skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Facilities for athletics and track events

MIS has dedicated and gifted maestros in the faculty who ignite and sustain the creative spark in the students in music and dance. The students are also encouraged to take up dance in one form or the other from the many classical dances, folk and fusion.

In music, the school offers as many as 17 instruments, and in vocal, Western and Hindustani Classical and Light Fusion.

To bring out the innate talents of a student and develop her talents, MIS has a host of clubs that cater to varied interests like public speaking and debating, writing, event management, editing and journalism, photo journalism and scientific skills.


The Primary School consists of Grades I to V and admits children aged five and a half years and above. The Primary School is equipped with its own computer and science lab, commonly referred to as the Resource Centre. The class strength is kept small to facilitate individual attention. The essential foundation for sound education is laid at this stage and the class teacher plays a critical role in molding the child's intellectual skills and attitude by being an academic guide, personal friend and mentor.


The Secondary Section comprises of Grades VI to XII. Although the class teacher is still very important at this stage, specialist teachers are brought in To prepare children to take on the rigors of individual subjects. At Grade VIII, students are required to opt for the ICSE board or the GCE board. ICSE and GCE 'O' level examinations are taken at the end of Grade X and the ISC examination at the end of Grade XII. The ICSE, ISC and the GCE 'O' level examinations are common external examinations. The ICSE and ISC examinations are conducted nationwide by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, and the GCE 'O' Level examination by the University of Cambridge, Local Examinations Syndicate, U.K. The class strength is kept at 20 – 25, and the teacher - pupil ratio at 1: 10. Every classroom is technology enabled with Smart Class for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning.

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