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Raffles Millennium International

Raffles Millennium International (RMI) is a design training institute offering world class professional courses in creative arts, design, lifestyle and business management. At RMI, we currently offer courses in fashion design, product design, interior design, interactive media design and fashion marketing. In addition, we aim to introduce courses on business management, tourism and hospitality management in the time to come.

RMI is a landmark joint venture between the largest private education group in the Asia-Pacific region, Raffles Education Corporation, and the largest education company in India, Educomp Solutions Ltd. RMI is also Educomp’s first foray into professional education.

We provide various diploma and degree programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Seven Raffles Millennium International’ colleges operational are in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Our campuses have state-of-the-art classrooms, design labs and internationally renowned faculties.

Educomp addresses the needs of private schools, government schools, educational content, teacher training, supplemental education services, pre-schools and professional and higher education. It also provides various online learning resources. The Raffles Group operates three universities and 26 colleges across 10countries in the Asia-Pacific region. These institutes have been providing design and management education for 20 years and their graduates are keenly sought after the world over.

The current competitive situation in India has reduced the number of seats available to students wishing to enroll in prestigious institutions. While the number of educational institutions has been increasing rapidly, the quality gap still needs to be filled. RMI is committed to providing quality education through its network of institutions in the Asia Pacific region to develop industry-relevant skilled professionals.

RMI nurtures creative talent in the art, design and lifestyle industries. We provide high-quality education relevant to industry.

We believe that the following are important for the development of well-rounded students:

  • The development of a superior thinking process.
  • The proficiency of written and spoken language as a tool of communication and thought.
  • The acquisition of thorough and effective work methods based on analysis and judgment.
  • A consciousness of the historical dimension of human ideas and activity.

In addition, we believe in developing students’ capacity to assume responsibility for their own personal development. This philosophy guides all that we do in the teaching-learning process.

Our internationally recruited faculties are experienced and dedicated professionals with extensive links to various industries. This enables us to offer a comprehensive industry-relevant curriculum that is hands-on and practical. The diverse and rich experiences of our faculties result in our students being exposed to different innovative and creative influences. This paves the way for our graduates to be recognised in the industry not only for their technical skills but also for their macro perspective, which is an important attribute of the global world we live in today. Our graduates see the big picture and also work on all the details!

Our extensive network of schools offers our students the flexibility to transfer seamlessly to other Raffles colleges. Students have the option to study for two years in India and complete their education in a different country. This helps them enrich their learning experience through exposure to different cultures and broadens their perspective, to develop an international outlook.

Our primary goal is to impart knowledge and technical know-how. Besides, we endeavour to provide a well-rounded education that makes learning an enriching experience, contributing to students’ personal growth and development of social skills. Our students learn ‘life skills’ that provide them the foundation for establishing their own businesses in the future.

Come, design your future with us!

Delhi Campus : 9B, Rajendra Park, Opp. Hotel Jaypee Siddharth,
Pusa Road, New Delhi – 110060
Phone : +91-11-43172222

Bengaluru Campus : HM Vibha Towers, 4th Floor,
Luskar Hosur Road, No. 63, Bengaluru - 560030
Phone : +91-9717040339, +91-9632219911

Mumbai Campus : : Raheja Centre, Linking Road and Main Avenue,
Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai – 400054
Phone : +91-22-67029521

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