separator, Educomp’s subsidiary in USA is the premier provider of web-delivered K12 curriculum and assessments. it serves nearly 125,000 teachers and over 3.2 million students in 47 states in USA and 10 countries. In USA alone, its reach spans over 7700 schools, 1550 school districts and 3.2 million students and 125,000 teachers.- Founded in 1999, helps K-12 teachers and administrators improve student learning through their curriculum solutions as well as online Digital Learning platform solutions. Its product portfolio consists of Sky;'s unique digital learning environment, Curriculum products like Aha!Math and Aha!Science, Technology Literacy and Assessment Solutions like EasyTech, TechLiteracy Assessment, and 21st Century Skills Assessment. Its TechLiteracy Assessment has been selected for state-wide implementation / pilot projects Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey, South Dakota, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Texas. was selected as a platform for delivering virtual curriculum marketplaces in Florida and Colorado. With an unparalleled distribution access and strong footprint in the US, is the recipient of several Codie Awards; the premium education awards from SIIA, Technology and Learning Awards for Excellence, and ISTE Seal of Alignment.

Helping teachers create successful math learners

Aha!Math is a Web-delivered supplemental math curriculum for grades K-5. With research-based instructional models and content, Aha!Math helps improve students’ foundational math skills while developing their higher-level problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Aha!Math focuses on key foundational math concepts, provides opportunities to build conceptual and procedural knowledge, discovery and analytical skills, and cultivates student’s creative problem-solving and 21st century skills.

  • Built on NCTM Curriculum Focal Points* and state standards.
  • Web-delivered, allowing access at home and in extended-day programs
  • Curriculum incorporates opportunities for students to model new skills
  • Rich in multisensory (visual, auditory and interactive) experiences to improve learning
  • Engaging math games for practice, all based within real-world challenges, and that motivate students to extend their time in practice
  • Digital coaches support students with multiple levels of feedback and instructional support
  • Uses’s powerful management system for simple set-up and intuitive use

Supports teachers to teach

Aha!Math is centered on teacher involvement. It provides teachers with the teaching strategies and tools to be more effective mathematics instructors and enriches their development in this challenging subject area.

Standards aligned

Aha!Math covers the NCTM Focal Points* for grades K-5, addressing the following strands:

  • Numbers and operations
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Algebra
  • Data analysis and probability

* Math Standards used by permission of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in the US. is solely responsible for the content and alignments to the US state standards.


Integrate technology into core instruction

EasyTech, a proven, Web-delivered K-8 technology literacy curriculum, easily and effectively integrates technology into Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies.

Engaging and interactive, EasyTech improves student learning outcomes in core curriculum subjects while it provides students with the skills they need for success in the 21st Century.

Students: EasyTech's self-paced, interactive curriculum engages students in technology-based activities they find relevant. They grasp how and why technology can apply to real-world challenges by creating pie charts in spreadsheets to understand math concepts in fractions, organizing data in a table to help identify trends or test a hypothesis, outlining a writing assignment using visual mapping software, and applying their understanding of the social and ethical implications of technology to their daily Internet use

Teachers: With EasyTech, teachers don’t have to stop or change what they plan to teach to integrate technology into their day. Instead, EasyTech provides comprehensive, scoped and sequenced lessons and activities that incorporate technology skills into their curriculum. EasyTech's powerful management system allows teachers to easily create and change classes and groups, preview curriculum items before assigning to students, Individualize instruction based on student needs, track student progress in real time, and access valuable reports for district, school, class and individual students

Because EasyTech is Web-delivered, students, teachers, and administrators can access it wherever they have Internet access and a computer.

  • Students experience those "Aha!" moments when they understand the relevancy in their core coursework and see it come to life through real-world tasks.
  • Teachers feel confident and empowered to integrate technology into their curriculum, leading to improved learning in core subjects.
  • Administrators receive reports that provide the insight necessary to support all students to meet NCLB technology proficiency requirements, as well as maximize their technology investments.


Since its release in 2001, EasyTech has been continuously recognized by the education industry.

Turn Your Students into Science Thinkers for Life's Aha!Science gets teachers and students excited about science with effective tools that set students on the path to becoming "science thinkers."

  • Supplemental science curriculum for Grades 3-5
  • Broad coverage of Earth and Space, Physical and Life Science
  • Web delivered
  • Engaging Games and Simulations motivate students to keep learning
  • Journal activities let students apply their learning and demonstrate their thinking
  • Aligned to the US national and state science standards

Builds Cross-curricular Connections

Aha!Science's unique online Journal creates interaction between the teacher and student, helps teachers differentiate instruction, and provides an excellent cross-curricular tool.

The Right Tools for Teachers

Elementary teachers tell us they are not well equipped to teach science, to ready their students for critical high-stakes assessments, and to have the right science resources to do their best. Aha!Science meets these needs with:

  • On-demand review for key concepts to help teachers master effective approaches
  • All the resources teachers need in an engaging digital environment students love

For the Way Teachers Teach

Modular design makes it easy to use with the whole class, in small groups, or with individual students.

Research-based Content

Aha!Science integrates Science as Inquiry across all concepts in:

  • Instruction Modules
  • Lessons
  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Activities (science experiments and projects)
  • Online Journaling
  • Quizzes

Develops Students' Conceptual Thinking

Aha!Science provides ample opportunities for students to apply the scientific method, and demonstrate their learning with engaging content, including Games and Simulations, all set in real-world settings students find relevant and interesting. No more boring science lessons.


Authentically measure and report technology proficiency

TechLiteracy Assessment uses a blend of interactive, performance-based questions and multiple choice, knowledge-based questions to measure and report technology literacy for elementary and middle school students. Psychometrically validated and Web-delivered to the classroom, computer lab or any Internet-connected computer, TechLiteracy Assessment is easy to implement and provides a single state- and district-wide solution that addresses challenges of getting valid technology proficiency data to support accountability goals, inform instruction to support improved student technology learning, and help teachers plan how to integrate technology into core curriculum.

TechLiteracy Assessment authentically assesses students’ technology knowledge and skills in concepts and tools for Spreadsheets, Word processing, Database, Multimedia and presentations, Telecommunication and Internet, Systems and fundamentals, and Social and ethical issues

TechLiteracy Assessment was released following an extensive beta test and psychometric analysis of the results in the US. No item in TechLiteracy Assessment is used for scoring unless it has been found to be fit through psychometric analysis.

TechLiteracy Assessment features the same simple intuitive management system as EasyTech. It allows educators to directly control scheduling and proctoring on their timelines, administer as a pre and post-test to measure student growth over time, and also monitor student progress in real-time through an easy-to-use proctor view. TechLiteracy Assessment’s powerful reporting options provide immediate data.

Since its release in 2006, TechLiteracy Assessment has been continuously recognized by the education industry.