Genius Box


Genius Box is a library of activity kits with educational toys, games & learning tools for the children of 2-8 years delivered to your doorstep every month. Genius Box kits are designed to enrich and stimulate young minds and aid overall personality development for children. All Activity materials, tools and step-by-step instructions, are included in the kit to bring each activity to life

At Genius Box we believe that Playing is the best form of Learning. Our mission is to build crucial skills, inculcate fearless learning and build a strong foundation through play activities, in the formative years of childhood

Genius Box kits are focused on developing important skills and learnings and encourage children to communicate, share, play and learn together. Each kit consists of innovative Art & Craft activities, Science projects, Learning books, Math concepts, Social studies projects, Puzzles and Board games.

Catering to children between the age group of 2-8, our kits are designed to encourage creativity and curiosity through experiential play and hands-on exploration. With a new theme every month, each kit contains 8-10 interesting activities. The kits are available on a monthly subscription model and all materials required for each activity are provided within the kits.

Genius Box is an outcome of years of research and development by curriculum specialists and experts in the field of early child care education. Our expert panel of child development professionals, creative writers and product designers ensures that the kits cater to diverse, interactive and age - appropriate activities and help in the key developmental areas of the child.

Genius Box Age Categories:

We offer three, engaging and innovative and age appropriate kits for children, ranging in age from 2 to 8, to explore, create, experience and learn!

Explorers (2+ years)

At this age, children try to lay their hands on almost everything! They start becoming conscious about themselves and their surroundings. They love to manipulate, explore and assert their independence. Genius Box Explorers Kits helps nurture and develop this sense of curiosity and develop inquisitiveness in children.

Storytellers (3+ years)

At this age, children will start seeking answers to all their questions! This is a time when a child’s world is dominated by fantasy and vivid imagination which takes the form of amazing stories. This is a time when your child will become an active talker. Genius Box Storytellers Kits foster this creativity and develop some crucial skills like creativity and imagination and language development.

Creators (5+ years)

During this phase, children move from a life dominated by fantasy to one that is ruled by logic and reason! They learn the difference between fantasy and reality and try to give their creativity a more physical and structured form. Making and building things is a huge part of development at this age. Genius Box Creators Kits help children in creating new things and allows young learners to develop their creative confidence, strengthen cognitive development and foster their self-expression and social skills.

Benefits of Genius Box:

Genius Box products are designed to:

  • Offer rich multidisciplinary learning opportunities
  • Facilitate socio-emotional development
  • Encourage self-expression and develop confidence
  • Inculcate logical reasoning and problem solving skills
  • Make home learning fun, diverse and stimulating
  • Fuel creativity and curiosity
  • Build reading and language skills
  • Develop concentration and thinking skills
  • Support cognitive and motor skills development

It’s no secret, children learn best when they are having fun. And parents that know best subscribe to Genius Box.

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