League INDIA


League INDIA is driven by a vision to build a national fraternity of new age schools that adopt a uniform set of well researched best practices to deliver high standards of education.

At the heart of League INDIA, is a set of best practices for schools, The League INDIA practices- have evolved from over a million man days of Research at the largest R&D facilities in Asia. They have been validated and enhanced by some of the best known luminaries of Indian education sphere who have themselves steered most prestigious institutions in the country. League INDIA brings with it an insightful understanding of over two decades of close association with over 15000 schools in India and across the World.

Leagues INDIA is poised to be the most respected symbol of high standards of school operations, with a mission to be known as the largest school brand fraternity in the world.


Behind League INDIA initiative is a formidable thought leadership of:

One of the Largest k12 R&D initiatives in the World

League INDIA is backed by the largest Research and Development initiative undertaken any where across the world in the area of K12 education. With a team of over 400 professionals, over a million man months have been invested in building IP in instructional pedagogy, curriculum content and school practices enrichment over the last two decades. An IP that powers that League INDIA fraternity of institutions to the path of academic and practice excellence.

Insightful association with 15000 schools

The League INDIA initiative is embellished with the insightful understanding of how over 15000 private schools in India are run and a knowledge repository of practices that have set many of these schools apart.

League INDIA governing council

An illustrious governing council of exceptional thought leaders in school education guides the initiative and plays a crucial role in defining the vision and practices at League INDIA.


  • League India initiative endeavours to raise the quality of education delivery and overall school related experience for all recipient of instructions and their guardians. This is achieved by building on existing established frameworks of curriculum delivery and enhancing and amplifying the experience through a series of best practices to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • Through League India branding and sustained local and national media messaging, participating schools stand to benefit from the pull created by the brand. This inevitably raises the profile of the school in the community by effectively communicating the promise of high stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Implementation of League India best practices enables the partner schools to markedly raise the levels of service provided and benefit and from the brand advocacy from the existing stakeholders base.

In addition to these, League India institutions will also gain access to a comprehensive set of offerings from Educomp such as

  • Educompsmartclass: Educomp’s entire repository of world acclaimed smartclass content
  • English Mentor: An English language lab solution- English Mentor digital content
  • Educomp smartclass 3D LAB: The highly engaging 3D science and Math content for a 3D lab in school
  • Educomp INSIGHT: Once a year assessment of students on their academic profiles and detailed reports through its highly evolved – INSIGHT program
  • Smartclassonline: a portal helping all stake holders to connect with each other, with access to a host of online features through smartclass Online for every student, parent and teachers of the school
  • EDAC: A Learning system rooted in multiple intelligence and scientifically designed for different learning styles. EDAC is contains not just textbooks but a complete system with integrated teaching, learning and CCE activities.

League India also offers an opportunity to the participating schools to avail of the renowned school assessment from Education Quality Foundation of India.

League INDIA, driven by a vision to build a national fraternity of new age schools has been designed and developed by League India Foundation and distributed by Educomp.