Little Millennium


Little MillenniumTM is a chain of pre-schools, designed to cater to the pre-schooling needs of students from two to five years. Launched in 2006, it is the first structured and process driven IP in the fragmented space for early childhood education. Currently there are 240 franchisee schools operational. Little Millennium has been awarded 'Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2008' for excellence in Franchising and Business Development, by Franchise India Holdings Ltd.

The vision of the programme is to enable, energise and enhance childhood by fostering growth of mind, body and spirit - leading students to become lifelong learners. Our mission is to nurture young minds in a culturally sound environment and provide opportunities that will help them realise their true potential.

Our curriculum focusses on imparting skill-based knowledge, using its unique Seven Petal approach and an eclectic approach.

The Seven Petal approach looks at enhancing the following skills:

  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Fine and Motor Development
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Personal Awareness
  • Socio-Emotional Development
  • Individual-Potential Development

Our curriculum is based on certain principles that we have borrowed from various schools of thought on early childhood. Based on the best practices of the various methods and approaches, such as Project Method, Multiple Intelligence, Play Way, Montessori Method and Thematic approach, Little Millennium has evolved an eclectic approach.

The instructional delivery is organised and is responsible for providing skills and concepts, involving problem-solving, decision-making, questioning, evaluating and discovering, to the students.

Our philosophy is to provide students with a culturally appropriate environment and values, love and protection needed to grow in body, mind and spirit. Our stimulating environment and a scientifically based curriculum lays the foundation to help students achieve success in all phases of life.

Little Millennium Philosophy

‘Little Millennium ’ is a pre-school learning system, whose philosophy is grounded on the belief that children deserve nothing but the best. Since pre-school and kindergarten is the first educational level for the child, our Little Millennium learning centers ensure that the roots of all life skills of the child are nurtured and nourished and from it emerge the wings of freedom, confidence, creativity and dreams which further shapes the future of the child.

To ensure that the roots are nurtured and the wings do emerge, ‘Little Millennium’ learning system helps educators meet the challenge of providing such an environment in all their kindergarten schools in India.

Objectives of Little Millennium

  • To provide continuous stimulation for dynamic and holistic development of students.
  • To support, contribute and facilitate the developmental process of grooming young minds by upholding every child’s right to education with a strong belief in inclusive education.
  • To create an environment for the smooth transition of a child from an informal homely atmosphere to a formal learning atmosphere.
  • To work in partnership with parents in their challenging and rewarding journey on the various aspects of childhood and parenting.