MathguruTM is an innovative math-help program designed to provide solutions to the student’s problems, in a step by step fashion, using a pen and virtual notebook. Mathguru has a repository that contains all math problems and their solutions, from the NCERT Math textbooks, for Classes VI to XII. There are over 10,000 solutions available on the Mathguru website.

Mathguru is a site dedicated to helping students score upto 100/100 in math exams.

Mathematics is learnt by doing problems. Getting upto 100/100 in math exams is a matter of knowing how to do all the problems, step-by-step, the right way.

Mathguru provides the solutions to all the problems in the NCERT books. Mathguru teachers explain the concepts and key ideas required to solve each problem, and explain the solutions.

The student sees the solution written on a virtual notebook using a virtual pen. The student also hears the explanation from the teacher. The virtual notebook is a video file. The experience is similar to watching a teacher write down the solution on a notebook. The only difference is that the student can see and hear the solution as many times as is required to understand how to do the problem.

It’s like having your own, personal Mathguru, available 24x7, at any time and anywhere in the world.

Whenever a student is stuck at a math problem, or while revising for a math exam, the site is available to help.

There are also practice tests for each chapter. After going through all the problems, it is helpful to check your understanding and then review the concepts that you have not understood properly. The objective type tests help in checking whether more preparation and practice is needed before heading into an exam. After attempting the test, students get their score instantly along with the correct answers.

Parents too like Mathguru.

Many parents help their wards prepare for exams using Mathguru. The solutions available at Mathguru help parents in recalling the math they may have forgotten. Having parents help students is a great way for students to learn how important it is to do well in math, in school.

A Mathguru subscription is much cheaper than getting a private tutor or joining a tuition centre.

Further, learning on the web from home is much safer than having to go to a tuition center after school. Even good teachers are unable to give individual attention to students. But Mathguru teachers will not mind if a student does not understand the solution the first time and ask for it again and again.