Our Vision


Educomp’s Vision: "To apply innovative solutions to solve critical problems relating to ‘Quality of Education’ and ‘Access to Education’ for all."

Our world-class infrastructure and processes coupled with our sincerity and passion is what makes us confident of achieving our goals and making our vision a reality.

From schools to skills; over last two decades Educomp group has empowered over 30 million learners and educators across over 65,000 schools to imagine, think and create a better future.

Our vision and core values have led Educomp to be:

  • India‘s Largest Organised Education Services Player
  • #1 player in digital content based, interactive school learning solutions
  • #1 corporate player in K-12 schools, with 45 schools operational
  • Leading player in pre-schools with over 270 pre-schools operational across the country
  • Largest K-12 digital content library in the country with over 20,000 modules of rich 3D multimedia educational content
  • Largest chain of 63 Test Preparatory Centers

High investment in R&D: ~250 people in digital content development.

Educomp motto is ‘What Learning Can be”. Our vision engagement is a natural progression that follows through core values around LEARN.

L - Leadership by Inspiration
E - Entrepreneurship & Financial Prudence
A - Attitude of Excellence
R - R&D for Innovation and Quality
N - National Roots - Global values

While practicing the values:

  • Let us walk the path less travelled
  • Let us help each other to comply