Schools for tomorrow


Our network of Schools consists of 270 Little Millennium pre-schools, 45 brick and mortar K12 schools, and 63 Test Prep centers. The vision of our School network is to nurture the inherent potential of each child and create able learners who will lead the way for others. The foundation of our Schools’ network stems from the value system that we follow. For us, human values derive primary importance in both our content and pedagogy. Our policies represent sensitivity towards the needs of all the stake holders. Each aspect of the school has a laid down policy to ensure that the message is clear to all our stake holders. From a minor policy of ‘How to keep the classroom clean’ to ‘Pedagogy,’ ‘Discipline’ and ‘School’ issues, each area is structured and documented.

Little Millennium

The guiding principle of 'Little Millennium' is to provide children with a culturally sound environment, the right values, love and protection needed for a healthy body, mind and soul in the most critical phase of a child's growing up years. The Little Millennium preschool franchise chain has been bestowed with awards year after year as a testimony to the effectiveness of its efforts.

The Millennium Schools

The Millennium Schools are a national chain of CBSE affiliated co-educational schools, powered by the Millennium Learning SystemTM (MLS). The Millennium Learning System is a distinctive pedagogy developed after years of R&D effort, supported and directed by a team of distinguished teaching professionals. MLS has gone a long way in helping us to achieve our desired objectives.

Takshila Schools

The Takshila schools aspire to provide education that will build capacity in our students to take the challenges of excelling in the intensely competitive world where top scores are often the only mark of success.

Universal Academy

Universal Academy Schools in tier III cities and semi rural areas use the Scaffolding Learning System to replicate success in a scenario with challenges unique to the segment. Created with extensive research, the system consistently connects with real life application of concepts gearing towards vocational readiness of its students.

Educomp Co-branded Schools

Educomp has co-branded schools with marquee brands that are respected in their respective regions. In north the schools are Shriram Millennium Schools. PSBB Millennium Schools in South are cobranded with PSBB Group of Schools. These schools leverage the advantages of the Millennium Systems and the co-brands’ unique proficiencies.